THE AOET – Aldeburgh to Orford Flotilla


Ahoy there swimmers, kayakers, canoeists, paddle-boarders and rowers! You are invited to participate in a fundraising flotilla in aid of The Alde & Ore Estuary Trust (AOET), starting from Aldeburgh Yacht Club, making your way along our treasured estuary to Orford Sailing Club. The distance is just under 5 miles. With help from the outgoing tide it will take a good swimmer about 1.5 hours and a recreational swimmer 2+ hours.

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The entry fee donation is £50 per swimmer (maximum 100) and £30 for each kayaker, canoeist, paddle-boarder and rower (maximum 50). The entry fee donation is refundable if, through sponsorship, each swimmer donates £50 or more and each kayaker, canoeist, paddle boarder or rower donates £30 or more to AOET.

There will be two classes of swimmers, elite and recreational. The elite swimmers will be timed and use to swimming long distances (3+ miles) in open water. All swimmers will be provided with a numbered, high-vis swimming cap and recreational swimmers will be provided with a towable swimming float which must be used. Non-swimmers will be expected to provide support and act as safety vessels to swimmers if required in light of reduced entrance fee and will be provided with a numbered baseball cap to be worn throughout the event. 

The Trust’s fundraising target for this event is £6,500 so please support the Trust as much as you can. Matched funding is available to help us reach £13,000.

Please note, in the event of the flotilla being cancelled due to bad weather or unsuitable conditions, no entry fees or sponsorship will be reimbursed.

Before entering the flotilla, please read the following two important documents below. By signing up to the flotilla you confirm you have read and understood the information provided on this website page, in the two documents below and the terms and conditions of participation. Thank you.

Swimmers Information Sheet

Health & Safety Policy


Download the Sponsorship Form here.

If you would like to walk this route on the day, please contact the Alde & Ore Association.

If you have any flotilla questions, would like to be a sponsor or get involved as a volunteer The AOET would love to hear from you. Please get in touch by emailing The AOET HERE.

For further information
please contact
Alison Andrews,
Temporary Honorary Secretary on  

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