The Alde and Ore Estuary Partnership worked with County and District councils and statutory bodies to develop a plan for the future management of the river defences to protect the Estuary including businesses, houses, land and wildlife, and the local economy.
The Estuary Plan for the future management of the river defences to protect the life of the estuary was endorsed by all statutory bodies in 2016.
Important documents are available below to view/download. SCROLL DOWN further for appendices and flood cell information.

The information contained in these documents may not address your concerns and may not be updated after it was prepared. This information should not be relied upon by you and should not be used as a substitute for you making your own enquiries and taking your own advice. Neither AOEP, nor any other affiliated body, shall be liable to you or any other person for any loss arising directly or indirectly from any use or reliance on this information or otherwise in connection with it, provided that this will not exclude or restrict liability for fraud or in any other way to an extent that liability cannot be excluded or restricted by law. “



Key Messages – A summary of important points from the Local Economic Study

Local Economic Study – The Full RPA Local Economic Study PDF

Scoping Report – The document produced by Suffolk County Council for the first stage of the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) process incorporating the requirements of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Directive. It outlines the baseline information and evidence which is needed to inform the Sustainability Appraisal of the emerging Estuary Plan objectives and policies.

Estuary defence and footpath trial interim conclusions – April 2016.

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