Flood Cell 2

Click the image above to view the flood cell 2 map with colour key


A small flood cell running westerly from the head of the Butley River along the catchment area of the small stream that drains into the Butley River at Chillesford. The majority of Flood Cell 2 is not designated but some intertidal habitat in front of the defence is internationally designated and there is a small Country Wildlife site in the west of the flood cell managed by the RSPB. The cell contains arable and wet grassland meadows, deciduous woodland and some freshwater lakes and reservoirs.  Wildlife habitat in the floodplains behind the walls include ditches with reed buntings, little grebe and kingfisher, fields with hares, flight area of barn and short eared owls, range of birds including lapwing, egret, swans, varieties of gulls.



The map above and the upgrade design document below detail the work we need to do.

To Download the full plan, please click the link below

Flood Cell 2 Upgrade Designs including photographs

Ordnance Survey Map showing full extent of Flood Cell 2

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