Ahoy There! Charity returns with 2022 flotilla to save surrounding area
of the Alde and Ore estuary from flooding

The Alde & Ore Estuary Trust is a charity responsible for raising and stewarding the funds required to maintain and upgrade the estuary river walls.

The Trust was established in December 2013 and is a registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with the Charity Commission (No 1155115).  

The Trust was set up to raise the funds needed where government funds are not available, to deliver the Estuary Plan, a modelled programme of vital flood defences in the Alde and Ore Estuary. 

The estuary flood defences have deteriorated and are no longer adequate to protect against future floods. The estuary sits within a nationally designated Area of Outstanding National Beauty, but as well as this, local homes, businesses, jobs, tourism, agriculture, fishing and leisure activities all depend on the resilience of the river walls and contribute to a local economy worth over £120 million a year.


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In addition, the estuary is home to diverse and important habitats for many species of note including water voles, otters, lapwing, curlew and redshank, as well as increasingly rare flora and amphibians. A catastrophic major flood would destroy the habitats of this flora and fauna.

To learn more about the fundraising work of the Trust, please head to their website HERE or download this leaflet.

Please contact the Trust at:

IP12 2LJ

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