The next AOCP meeting is on 29 June at 6.30pm in Orford Town Hall

Members of the public are invited to attend. The agenda will focus on the development of the plans for the Lower Estuary

Alde and Ore Community Partnership 

Fourteenth meeting on Thursday 29 June 2023 at 6.30pm 

in Orford Town Hall

Members of the public are welcome


  1.   Apologies 
  2. Declarations of interest
  1. Minutes of the meeting on 30 March 2023 for approval
  2. Matters arising from meeting on 30 March 2023- not otherwise on the agenda
  1. Lower Estuary – preparations for the Outline Business case – what needs to be done to address meeting aims of resilience against flooding in the Lower Estuary, including  what is in hand, what needs to be included, preparations or research necessary and timing. Presentation by East Suffolk Water Management Board (ESWMB) and discussion invited.  GB
  1. ESWMB update –  roll out of Upper Estuary Embankment Improvement Programme            GB
  2. Possible code of conduct for leisure pursuits in and around the rivers   (update)                    TB
  1. Communications    launch/exhibition 7 October   2023                                                                 TB

                                   virtual exhibition of the Estuary project                   Sharon Richardson CPE     

  1. Updating the Estuary Plan – progress report                                                                                    TB
  1. AOCP admin: Finance -update
  1. Any other business- please let Chair and officers know, if possible, in advance

12. Date of next meetings:    Saturday 7th October Alde and Ore Estuary Project joint launch
                                                                                         at Snape Maltings 
(details to be announced) 

                                                     Thursday 25th January 2024 at 6.30pm,
AOCP regular meeting (location to be announced)  Earlier meetings can be arranged if there are developments on the construction of the river defence plans                                                                                                                     

June 2023

Alison Andrews  Hon Sec             email:

For further information
please contact
Alison Andrews,
Temporary Honorary Secretary on  

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