AOCP nominated representatives
as at 31 March 2021



Suffolk Country Council      

Cllr Andrew Reid                                     

East Coast Council                

Cllr Ray Herring, 

Cllr T-J Howarth Culf          

Aldeburgh Town Council

Cllr Peter Palmer

Boyton Parish Council

Cllr Andrew Cassy

Butley and Wantisden Parish Council

Cllr Ben Coulter

Chillesford Parish Meeting

Peter McGinity (Chair)

Friston Parish Council


Hollesley Parish Council

Cllrs Karrie Langdon / Andy Palmer

Iken Parish Council

Cllr Jeremy Hinves

Orford Parish Council

Cllr Frances Barnwell

Snape Parish Council

Cllr Tim Beach

Sudbourne Parish Council

Bill Parker

Tunstall Parish Council

Cllr Niels Peterson


Alde and Ore Association

Alison Andrews

Business representative

Harry Young 

IDB Board member

Edward Greenwell/ Jane Marson



Jane Maxim

Alde and Ore Estuary Trust

Coastal Partnership East

Karen Thomas

East Suffolk Internal Drainage Board

Giles Bloomfield

Environment Agency

Mark Johnson/David Kemp

Natural England

Ed Boyle

Meeting Papers

Background papers( 1-6) to the AOCP, its origins and future tasks, including papers circulated to all Parish Councils, East Coast Council and Suffolk Country Council and noted that The Estuary Plan the Alde and Ore Estuary Plan can be seen on the web site

For further information
please contact
Alison Andrews,
Temporary Honorary Secretary on  

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